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Beekeeping Services


Want to learn beekeeping? We will be offering a Winter Ready class on August 13, 2016. Register here.


Our time is limited, but we do want to help

We receive over 100 emails every day. We have tried to answer beekeepers' questions, but it has started to consume an inordinate amount of time. We often spend several hours a day responding to queries. As our time is limited, and our beekeeping expertise of value, we have decided to offer consultations. We are experienced beekeepers, who have traveled extensively learning from other beekeepers, bee breeders and bee scientists around the world. Just as you would request a consultation with a lawyer or doctor to address or legal or medical issue, we also want to make ourselves available to address any beekeeping issues.

Have a question and want a timely response from us?

We offer a 25 minute phone consultation for $30. You can email your question in advance or describe it on the phone, whatever you prefer.

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Apiary Visit

Don't understand what is going on in your hives? Want an expert to go through your hive and explain what is going on in a detailed hive consultation? As we work through your hive, we will describe and show you what we're seeing, giving a hands-on lesson in your own apiary.

$150 for the first hive, each additional hive $50, if you are within a 1 hour drive from us. Greater distances will require travel reimbursement.

Hives Inspected
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