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Want to learn beekeeping? We will be offering organic beekeeping classes this summer. Contact us for more info.


Maryland Nucleus Colonies & Queens:

Most people purchase bees in nucleus colonies when they want to start beekeeping. A nucleus colony (nuc) provides several advantages.
  • Usually purchased from a local beekeeper, the bees are adapted to your area.
  • A miniature colony with bees, a laying queen, honey and freshly stored pollen, a nuc quickly builds up the first year.
  • Unlike packages, which ship in from the south with the associated pests and problems like africanized bees and small hive beetle, our nucs are built from tested Maryland stock.
  • The five frames quickly transfer into your equipment, creating less stress on the bees and the beekeeper.
  • No expensive shipping charges. You pick up your hive in Middletown, MD.
  • If you have brand new equipment, we can install the nuc directly into your hive at no extra charge.
Flickerwood Apiary
Kirsten & Michael Traynor
Middletown, MD 21769
Tel: 301 371 8527

5-frame Nucleus Colonies
Comes with 5 medium frames
in reusable cardboard nuc box, which is yours to keep,
and a marked northern New World Carniolan Queen.

No frame exchanges, no equipment drop off.

$125 per nuc

discounts on orders of 5 or more

Order early for Spring 2014.

Limited number of 4 frame deep nucs available.
We also provide bees for top bar hives.

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