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Beekeeping Products


Want to learn beekeeping? We will be offering a series of organic beekeeping classes in 2019.

New to beekeeping? We have a beginner field day where we show you how to install bees and get off on the right foot. Register here.


Maryland Nucleus Colonies & Queens:

Most people purchase bees in nucleus colonies when they want to start beekeeping. A nucleus colony (nuc) provides several advantages.
  • Usually purchased from a local beekeeper, the bees are adapted to your area.
  • A miniature colony with bees, a laying queen, honey and freshly stored pollen, a nuc quickly builds up the first year.
  • Unlike packages, which ship in from the south with the associated pests and problems like africanized bees and small hive beetle, our nucs are built from overwintered Maryland stock.
  • The five frames quickly transfer into your equipment, creating less stress on the bees and the beekeeper.
  • No expensive shipping charges. You pick up your colony in Myersville, MD
  • Flickerwood Apiary provides high quality nucs with excellent brood patterns.

One of our MD reared queens, already laying eggs.

One of our Carniolan queens. Our queens typically have a phenomenal retinue, a good indicator of queen quality.

Flickerwood Apiary
PO Box 652
Middletown, MD 21769
Tel: 301 371 8527
If I miss you, please leave a message. I will return your call, but during the bee season this might take a few days.

5-frame Nucleus Colonies
Comes with an open-mated MD queen reared from our best Carniolan mother colonies still going strong and laying edge to edge in their 2nd and 3rd season.
5 medium frames in reusable cardboard
nuc box, which is yours to keep.

No frame exchanges,
no equipment drop off.

Standard 5-frame nucs available, headed by a newly raised 2019 queen reared from our best overwintered Carniolan stock and open mated.

As we rear our own queens,
pick-up is weather dependent.
We expect these nucs to be ready the end of May, depending on the spring weather. I only release a nuc when they are strong and the queen is laying up a storm of worker brood, which is why my delivery date is a little later.

$200 per 2019 nuc


Are you new to beekeeping? We offer several classes to help you keep healthy hives.

Short courses, beginning beekeeping classes, can be confusing and contradictory. When I was a starting out, I attended four different ones. During the classes, different instructors egularly dismissed what others had just insisted was fact. When new to beekeeping, it's easy to end up with a muddled head. There is a LOT of bad information available on the internet. I teach "Simple, Smart Beekeeping" so your hive survives. Bees really don't care what type of hive they live in, so long as it has enough space inside. But regardless of what type of box you keep them in, you will still have the same parasites and disease. Top bar hives, Warre hives, etc don't change basic bee biology, nor do they stop your bees from getting sick. Don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

Want an illustrated guide to help you understand what is going on in your hive. The book "Simple, Smart Beekeeping" has 190 images shot in the field that show you what's going on in your hive.

Unless you live in a very isolated area, where no other beekeepers exist, you will have varroa transmission from other apiaries. Healthy bees will pick up varroa from other bees in the area. This means you have to have a varroa mite management strategy. Beekeepers who don't manage for varroa will lose their hive every 9-18 months. To keep healthy hives, you need to MONITOR and MANAGE varroa populations. This can be done organically. If you want to learn how, attend our organic beekeeping class.

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