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MD Bee welcomes submissions in any of the above categories. Do you have a great family recipe that uses honey? Have you written a poem about bees? We would love to hear from you. If we use your submission on our website, we will credit you and link to your website if you wish.

The Song of Bees

On a midsummer day the heat rises
snaking upwards in waves that distort the landscape
until the distance mirrors a mirage
and we lose all sense of what we know.

Seeking solace from the sun we retreat,
find shade beneath an old oak tree
beside a buzzing honey hive,
where we watch the nectar laden ladies struggle in,
weighed down from smelling too many flowers.

As we watch, we can not help but wonder
what bloom did they feast on today?
Subtle scents to be fanned into honey gold, perhaps?
Or potent, heady brew that will dry down,
molasses brown, thick and pungent?

Standing in the shadow of an ancient canopy
unfurled brand new this spring
we can take a moment to pause,
ponder a life so different from our own,
a life we think we understand,
but can never fully grasp.

Beauty exists in these unknowns-
our imaginations soar with the nubile queen
seeking out the light on her single mating flight,
and though our passions soar with the young queen
we admire her working sisters too,
the countless daughters that will follow soon,
for they remind us that hard work
bears sweetness, liquid gold.

As the summer seeps away,
our oak's lush green canopy changes hue,
slips away leaf by leaf
leaving us to admire aged bark standing stark
against the snow white fields of winter.

The wind howls cold,
sneaking through chinks and window panes,
but in defiance we spoon into our honeyed gold,
crystallized into creamy smoothness,
nourishing our souls,
as we remember last years flowers
and our bees

For they are surely ours,
hard toiling ladies
we thank in our hearts
for their delicate confection
and the dream of the all the flowers yet to come.

© Kirsten Shoshanna Traynor 2003

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