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Beekeeping Links

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Further Resources about Bees & Beekeeping

In our search of the World Wide Web, MD Bee has come across some intriguing and informative websites that relate to beekeeping and bees. We have listed them below, assigning them to categories.

Please note that many websites contain information that pertains to multiple categories, but we have only listed them once to keep our lists from growing too extensive. Have fun browsing!

General Beekeeping

Beekeeping History

Apitherapy: The Medicinal Use of Bee Stings and Bee Products.


Africanized Honey Bees

Queens & Bee Breeding

Varroa Mites

Apiculture Research

  • The Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium (MAAREC) is a regional effort to address the pest management crisis facing the beekeeping industry in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
  • Beltsville Bee Lab USDA Agricutural Research Service Bee Research. The mission of the Bee Research Lab is to conduct research on the biology and control of honey bee parasites, diseases, and pests to ensure an adequate supply of bees for pollination and honey production.
  • Bee Briefs from UC Davis Department of Entomology

Alternative Beekeeping Methods

Top Bar Hives

Bee Magazines

Articles by Kirsten Traynor